Gus Hunt

Mr. Gus Hunt currently serves as President and CEO of Hunt Technology, LLC, a consulting company focused on strategic IT planning, IT effectiveness and efficiency, cyber security, data-centric protection, and the cloud.  He is a recently retired federal government senior executive having served 28 years with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Mr. Hunt retired from CIA as their Chief Technology Officer.  As CTO, Mr. Hunt set the information technology strategic direction and future technology investment plan for CIA.  He was the motivating force behind CIA’s decision to acquire a copy of both the Amazon cloud and IBM’s Watson.  Prior to that, Mr. Hunt served as Director, Applications Services responsible for building mission software for Analysis and Operations.  Mr. Hunt began his CIA career as an analyst in the Directorate of Intelligence and subsequently served in positions of increasing responsibility in the Directorate of Intelligence, DCI’s Non-Proliferation Center, Crime Narcotics Center, and Open Source Program Office, and CIO.

Before joining the Agency, Mr. Hunt spent seven years in the private sector as an Aerospace Engineer designing advanced manned space flight systems and satellite orbital transfer vehicles.  He holds a Master Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering from Vanderbilt University.