Connecting Decision Makers & Building a Community of Interest for National Security Focused Companies

MissionLink was founded as a nonprofit in 2010 by a local group of prominent business executives and former national security leaders. MissionLink is a nonprofit trade association that promotes the common interests of small, emerging, and mid-sized technology and technology services companies in the defense, intelligence, and national security industry.

MissionLink provides an opportunity for peer to peer networking, mentorship, and knowledge sharing in an intimate and private setting. Each month member CEOs engage with a panel of experts to discuss current issues facing their companies and industry, exchange ideas, and meet other successful leaders in the field who can help guide them through the process of building great companies and improving the defense, intelligence, and national security industry. Upon completion of each year’s class, the participants are invited to a formal graduation ceremony, in which participants of MissionLink will explore ways to give back to community and those that support the mission of national security.