Francis Landolf

Fran created Core Consulting to provide a vehicle for him to match private sector solutions with public sector problems. For five years Fran has endeavored to understand the most vexing defense and intelligence challenges and find innovation within small, sometimes obscure companies that can address those challenges. Fran has performed coaching and leadership development for both private and public sector executives and teams. He is an advisor to a number of small innovative product companies that are or have potential to address both government and commercial applications. He is also a member of the Technical Advisory Group for the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence and serves on the National Security Agency Advisory Board. He serves on the Committee on Science and Technology for Defense Warning for the National Academies of Science and is also an advisory board member of the Cyber Incubator at University of Maryland Baltimore County and Mission Link.

Before Fran’s recent career as a “matchmaker” he led public sector organizations responsible for delivering time critical services essential for informed military and National level decisions for the National Security Agency. The organizations he created and led performed analysis of signals, communications systems and computer networks.   They also developed and deployed the processing solutions that transformed network and communications data into a form consumable by intelligence analysts. Successful prosecution of such complex missions required navigating an immensely diverse work force through a rapidly changing political, economic and technological landscape. In recognition of his accomplishments he was awarded the Exceptional Civilian Service Award by the National Security Agency in 2005 and received the Meritorious Executive Presidential Rank Award in 2004.

Fran holds a BA from State University of New York, a MS from Clarkson University and an MA from the University o fKentucky all in Mathematics.