MissionLink Objectives

MissionLink is a nonprofit business league that promotes the common interests of small, emerging, and mid-sized technology and technology services companies in the defense, intelligence, and national security industry.

MissionLink promotes such interests by providing an opportunity for executives to work together to address industry issues through peer-to-peer networking, mentorship, and knowledge sharing in a private and confidential setting.  MissionLink participants engage each month with a panel of experts to discuss current issues facing their companies and industry, exchange ideas, and meet other successful leaders in the field who can help guide them through the process of building great companies and improving the industry.

Who. MissionLink is geared to small / emerging and mid-sized technology and technology services companies with a focus on or a keen interest in defense, intelligence and national security sectors. Its goal is to build a wide network of senior executives with an interest in these markets, and to do so in a trusted environment where real confidences can be shared. We accomplish this by offering panel sessions open to approximately 60 registered class members annually and events open to all members.  In addition to the class members, each MissionLink session includes members of the Organizing Board and Advisory Board, guests invited by the Organizing Board and Advisory Board, and panelists.  Some of the prior year’s panelists included Gordon England (former Deputy Secretary of Defense); Teri Takai (CIO of DoD); Gus Hunt (CTO of CIA); Tom Campbell (founder of DC Capital Partners); Mark Spoto (Managing Director of Razor’s Edge Ventures); Matt O’Connell (former CEO of GeoEye); Melissa Hathaway (former Acting Senior Director for Cyberspace in the NSC); Jill Singer (CIO of NRO); Rob Carey (Deputy CIO of the DoD); Nick Lantuh (Founder of NetWitness); Bob Gourley (former CTO of DIA); Bob Flores (former CTO of CIA); Pres Winter (former CTO/CIO of NSA); Al Tarasiuk (CIO of ODNI); Alan Wade (former CIO of CIA); Kevin Mandia (CEO of Mandiant); Bob Bigman (former CISO of CIA); and Dawn Meyerriecks (Deputy Director of National Intelligence).

Why. Leaders from growing national security focused companies have many lessons to learn and experiences to share. Some things can only best be understood by peers, not employees, investors, or even co-founders. MissionLink’s unique environment provides industry members an easy and enjoyable way to learn quickly from peers, as well as industry and government experts who have been there before, and to work together towards solutions to benefit the entire industry.

How. The MissionLink program are comprised of five monthly issue-specific panel sessions and a holiday member event.  Each session is led by a different group of invited industry and government leaders that address mission-critical issues and challenges relevant to businesses focused on defense, intelligence and national security. The goal of each session is to create an open dialogue among the participants in order to maximize collaboration and knowledge sharing about best practices and industry awareness. Members will register to participate in slates of five panel sessions. Each slate will be limited to approximately 60 class members, as a limited enrollment will foster discussion and participation. Members who are unable to register for one slate will be placed on a waiting list for the next available slate.

MissionLink promotes the interests of small, emerging, and mid-sized technology and technology services companies in the defense, intelligence, and national security industry by hosting TechConnect, a rapid screening, market research event for USG agencies/departments. TechConnect exposes U.S. government personnel to cutting-edge capabilities and enables them to interact with senior executives of innovative technology companies relevant to USG technology requirements.

Membership Benefits. In addition to having access to the panel sessions and member events, members who attend and actively participate in at least four of the five panel sessions will be invited to join in other benefits, such as an email network through which they can continue to collaborate and share knowledge and best practices.

Dues. New members pay one-time dues of $1,500. Such dues cover all monthly sessions, the member events, and ongoing membership. Member dues also fund national security initiatives by MissionLink that advance the common interests of companies in the defense, intelligence, and national security industry.